Single Herb Extract Granules

Treasure of the East is our recommended brand for herbal extract granules.

All Treasure of the East herbs are exclusively made for and used by licensed practitioners of Tianjiang Pharmaceutical in mainland China. Every granule is manufactured in a GMP certified facility with all natural ingredients. Founded in 1994, Treasure of the East has earned a strong reputation for high-quality products and expertise in the field of Chinese herbology.

Treasure of the East provides a complete line of granule extracts for healthcare professionals. As the most potent and competitively priced granule herbs on the market, with the ability to dissolve in hot water while preserving the color, flavor, and aroma of a traditional herbal decoction, Treasure of the East represents the new generation of granule herb extracts.

Watch a video of the manufacturer's introduction below.

Amber (Hu Po)

Amber (Hu Po)


Latin Name: Succinum Treasure of the East brand of herbal extracts features: Patented Extraction Methods: Total of 15 patents utilize a new genera...

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