Herbal Processing Equipment

Use your own formulas to process herbs, capsules and granules using our professional processing equipment.
Brass Herb Mixer

Brass Herb Mixer


Sturdy and durable bronze for long lasting use. Note: Handle may come in one part wood. Overall size: 3.5” x 5.5”

Digital Precision Scale

Digital Precision Scale


Quality precision scale, lightweight, accurate and lasting long. 1g – 200g by increments. Battery included.

Empty Clear Gelatin Capsules - UPC Medical Supplies, Inc.

Empty Clear Gelatin Capsules

from $19.00

Bag of clear gelatin capsules. 2,000 pieces per bag. Available in sizes 0 (0.68 ml / 500mg capacity) and 00 (0.90 ml / 730mg capacity). Made in USA

Heat Sealer

Heat Sealer

from $49.99

Ideal for sealing herb filter bags and plastic bags. Sizes: 4 Inch, 8 Inch, 12 Inch

Herbal Filter Bags

Herbal Filter Bags

from $34.00

Designed to cook herbs in filter bag and can be sealed by regular heat sealer. All natural material. No preservatives. No additives. Comes in 1000 ...

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Wooden Herb Mixer Sold out

Wooden Herb Mixer


Made of all natural solid wood material 2.5” round opening 2.0” deep 5.5” long stick 4.0” x 3.5” Dimensions

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