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100 Diseases Treated b...
Written by Chen Decheng, Published by Foreign Languages Press Beijing Single point therapy is an...

Anti-Aging Therapyby P...
Trade paperback book, 254 pagesPublished in 2006Dimensions: 6 x 9 inchesISBN: 1-69975-665-X

Body Chart of Acupunct...
Color print chart, 3 pcs/set showing body acupuncture points and meridians in English and Chinese.·...

Chart of Cosmetic Acup...
A full color chart shows all typical facial acupoints for facelift and facial rejuvenation.A booklet...

Chinese Acupuncture & ...
Cheng Xingnong Foreign Languages Press ISBN 7119017586 14E2121S 550 pp

Comprehensive Handbook...
Comprehensive Handbook for TCM Facial RejuvenationBy Ping Zhang The author has taught TCM Facial Rejuvenation seminars...

Cow Model
9” H, Cow Model

Dog Model
9” H, Dog Model

Essentials of Contempo...
Chen Xiubang & Deng Liangyue Foreign Languages Press ISBN 7119010425 14E2435S 648 pp

Eye Test Chart
Non-reflecting matte finish, eye chart features brass eyelet reinforced holes. Designed for 20 ft. test...

Foot Acupuncture Therapy
Zhao Xin Academy Press ISBN 7507712915 14E3132P 342 pp

Handbook of Acupunctur...
Handbook of Acupuncture Tx for Dogs & Cats Mayfair TCThis brief point reference guide gives...

Horse Model
10” Height

Human Foot Model
Plastic model of foot showing essential acupuncture points Great for practice 6" in length Imported...

Human Hand Model
Plastic model of hand with essential acupuncture points 5" in length Imported

Human Head Model
Human model of head with essential acupuncture points 9" height Fiber glass material Imported