AAMA 2019 Symposium

Dear Valued Practitioners,

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This weekend, we'll be showing over 250 acupuncturists and practitioners at the AAMA symposium on how to save on their everyday supply orders for acupuncture needles, moxibustion, heat and light therapy and cupping. The event is hosted at the Sheraton Grand Phoenix in Arizona from Thursday to Sunday, April 11-14.

We know the importance of having quality acupuncture supplies to treat patients and help people stay healthy, naturally. Want to learn more about the products UPC Medical has to offer? Come see us at booth #3 during exhibitor days Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

2016 Symposium photo copyright AAMA medical acupuncture.orgPhoto from AAMA 2016 Symposium (medicalacupuncture.org)

If you haven't already registered, late registration is available and *CEU/PDA credits will be given pending approval from the NCCAOM. Below is the list of registration pricing. Click here to jump to AAMA's online registration page.

The American Academy of Medical Acupuncture® is delighted to present a symposium designed to explore the mechanisms and applications of acupuncture fromdiverse perspectives. As well, we will examine current scientific research in the field of acupuncture, and enjoy the art as well as the science with an opportunity to explore classical medical calligraphy.
This meeting addresses topics specifically suggested by practitioners, and expands on many different approaches for addressing practical / clinical problems. An emphasis on evidence-based, scientific research is integrated withclassical and modern protocols for the serious clinician.
Surveys and evaluations from previous symposia have indicated that there is a strong desire for information about acupuncture techniques that honor the rich history of Asian medicine, while applying them to contemporary Western medical practice. The symposium explores just that, while providing the preeminent opportunity for networking among medical professionals working in this rich and expanding field.

Read the full program brochure in PDF.

We're excited to have taken part as an exhibitor this year and we look forward to 2020.
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