The Healing Power of the Bian Stone: Acupuncture’s Diamond in the Rough

One of the oldest forms of therapy that alternative medicine has practiced is Bian Stone cupping therapy. This relaxing and precise procedure is 5000 years old, with many great results stemmed from it in different acupuncture practices all over the world. At Go Acupuncture, our line of these ancient, healing stones is an investment worth while that will help you patients with digestive conditions, arthritis, and many other chronically painful diseases.

So how does Bian stone therapy work? The Bian stone itself is found in the outlying mountains of China, far away from any city. It was discovered during the Cretaceous period after a meteor struck the earth, creating a enormous crater in the ground. What was left from the blast was unexposed ground that made it easy for people to find this stone. These stones are said to have healing ultrasonic rays that when rubbed against the skin balance out the energies that control a patient’s circulation, digestive track, and helps get rid of poisons in the body. It also known to be of aid to patients with skin problems, such as Acne and Rosacea, as well as those with cellulite.

When paired with the practice of cupping, which creates a vacuum on the patient’s skin with heat or suction of some kind, Bian stone can have exponential affects on your patient’s condition. Cupping is supposed to tap into a patient’s meridians or energy portals. When cupping is performed, it allows all the good energy to flow through those meridians and through the rest of the patient’s body. Because the Bian stone is paired with the cupping devices, you are more likely to get the optimal treatment for your patients. It’s almost like you’re doing two different therapies but in reality, are only doing one. Not only are these cupping tools more effective, but they are also extremely easy to use, clean, and maintain throughout the years of your practice.

Our collection of Bian stone cupping tools has exactly what you need to start this revolutionary treatment in your practice and help heal your patients with a relaxing, natural, and effective therapy.

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