How an Herb Grinder can help Your Acupuncture Practice

In the ever-evolving field of Acupuncture, there are always different treatments and methods being tested. However in traditional Chinese medicine, there is one thing that remains a constant: the use of herb formulas in treatment of certain conditions. Back when Chinese medicine was first starting to be practiced, the herbs did not grind themselves; they were vigorously ground by hand which took more time than it needed. Also, the precision of the formula wasn’t always accurate because practitioners were doing everything by hand. With the modern technology of an herb grinder, practitioners are able to have all the ingredients precisely grinded for the formula at the right measurements.

Besides less elbow grease used when producing the herb formulas, how can an herb grinder help your acupuncture practice? When you’re in the acupuncture industry, the common thought is that you use acupuncture needles to treat your patient’s ailments. When you use an herb grinder to compose formulas for your patients as an alternative way of treatment, you become available to many other people. These patients could be interested in using Chinese medicine to treat their conditions but are afraid of needles. Providing different options for your patients makes your more versatile and marketable!

Not only can this make you a better acupuncturist, but it can also be an addition to acupuncture treatment as well. Traditional Chinese Medicine, also know as TCM, is a mix of many different types of treatments. Massage, acupuncture, Chinese herbology, and nutrition are the key components of TCM.  Many practitioners use herbal treatments and other forms of TCM along side their acupuncture treatment as a supplement. Chinese herbology is said to help enhance or speed up the effects of acupuncture treatment. By having an herb grinder in your practice, you are not only helping yourself become more knowledgeable about TCM, but also helping your patients with their recovery. Becoming familiar with Chinese herbal medicine can help your practice prosper, grow, and help you as a practitioner become well-rounded.

So if you’re looking to grow your acupuncture practice or just looking to learn more about TCM save yourself the struggle and get an herb grinder to start out. Visit us today at Go Acupuncture for the best in acupuncture supplies.

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