Acupuncture Stimulators: How they can Help Your Practice

As an acupuncturist, staying current with the most modern TCM therapies is a huge part of your job. Also, the ever-changing needs of your clients are extremely important to the functioning of your practice, as well.  At Go Acupuncture, we’re always trying to stay current on what therapies are being used in the industry. In an emerging form of acupuncture called Electroacupuncture,  the use of electricity and dual needles can help treat your patient’s condition, especially those with chronic pain or nausea from Chemotherapy. In Electroacupuncture, the use of acupuncture stimulators is important because they are the main source of controlling the electric current frequency on the parts of the body. Go Acupuncture has some great ways this useful tool can build your practice and help your patients deal with their different needs.

Acupuncture stimulators are the main source of controlling the frequency, intensity, and pulses of the electric currents through the dual needles. The main purpose of Electroacupuncture is to stimulate certain parts of the body that have been robbed of their functionality due to illness or any other circumstance. In this type of acupuncture, two needles direct the electric current to the specific part of the body based on what type of pulse is produced. There are two main pulses that are produced throughacupuncture stimulators:  positive and negative pulses. Positive pulses are used to treat inflamed parts of your body: organs, tissues, tendons, etc. Negative pulses are used to energize the parts of your body that have been affected by this inflammation or pain.

Another great facet of the use of Electroacupuncture is the fact that it is seen to be most successful in post-Chemotherapy treatments. If your practice does not already treat post-Chemotherapy patients, the use of Electroacupuncture and acupuncture stimulators can help treat their body’s  physical pain, nausea, and abdominal pains. In addition to the treatment of Chemo patients, Electroacupuncture is also to be effective in the treatment of patients with arthritis. These two diseases can help you treat outside the normal realm of people you usually treat, as well as doing your part in helping to treat these painful conditions effectively.

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