Young Barley Leaves Tea

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Barley leaves are known for its detoxifying effects on the body and is a great source of dietary fiber and chlorophyll. Drinking daily helps regulate the body's digestive system.

A little background story:

Before 1970, it was believed that dietary fiber could not be digested, had no nutritional value, and served no purpose. However, about 30 years ago the incidence of colon cancer greatly increased in Britain, becoming a social problem, and this suddenly brought dietary fiber under the spotlight. Dr. Burkett, a British doctor, tried to investigate the cause of the colon cancer outbreak. First, he studied the incidence of colon cancer in each region of the World and found an area with no colon cancer: Central Africa. Then, he did comparison research between native Central Africans and the British in bodily structure, diet, life style, etc.

The biggest difference existed in stool weight. The mean weight for a single stool for native Africans was 400-500 g, as opposed to 100 g for the British. Dr. Burkett concluded that the difference came from diet. In those days, fast food became prevalent in Britain and people’s diets began to change. On the other hand, Central Africans primarily ate tree roots, leaves, taro potatoes, and occasionally, the meat from animals they hunted. In short, they consumed much more dietary fiber than the British.

Dr. Burkett discovered that stool weight was in inverse proportion to the incidence of colon cancer. Through later research, dietary fiber was found to be extremely effective for regulating bowel movement. Since then, dietary fiber has been termed the 6th most important nutrient following protein, carbohydrates, fat, minerals and vitamins. Also, researchers discovered that the quality of dietary fiber in a person’s diet matters more than quantity.

The human body takes in nutrients from outside sources, converts them into energy and removes wastes. The key to maintaining good health is a properly functioning body that both takes in the good and eliminates the bad. Cells comprising the human body are made from food and are thought to be exchanged in a 4 month cycle. The intestines play a major role in this process. The intestines absorb nutrients, get rid of residues, and finally are employed by the immune system.

Dietary fiber slows down the pace of food absorption, decreasing the burden on the digestive tract, prevents absorption of excess sugar or fat, and helps remove body waste. Dietary fiber also facilitates proper immune system function by cleansing intestinal walls.

Each box contains 3g x 30 packets of finely ground young barley leaves ready for drinking. Just add cold or hot water.

Net weight 3 oz. (90 grams).

Imported from Japan.


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