The Nova Moxa Lamp


This patented Moxa Lamp consists of a radiator and a supporting system. The head is made of three sets of tube grippers for holding moxa sticks, a heat reflecting cover; and a metal dust screen easy to open and close. The supporting system contains a flexible omni-direction arm, a height adjustable pole and a stable metal base.

Moxibustion becomes more convenient than ever with the Nova Moxa Lamp featuring the following advantages.

a. High Heat Efficiency: There is a cambered heat-reflecting cover with thermal insulation design. The heat generated by the burning moxa sticks can be reflected fully onto the skin (acupoints) of the body.

b. Easy to Control the Heat: You may keep moxa sticks at desired heat and at any appropriate distance from skin.

c. Convenient to Operate: The head of the device is so flexible, omni-directed to apply moxibusition at will. And the pole can be conveniently adjusted up and down.

d. Safe to Use: The device is tailored with a metal screen to prevent the burning moxa sticks or hot ash from the skin and avoid burn. It is easy to remove the ash after use.

e. More Applicable Usage: This device uses moxa sticks of all kinds, regular or smokeless (diameter 14 to 21mm).


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