The Miracle Lamp: Pain Free With Far Infrared Mineral Therapy


“The Miracle Lamp” by Kara Lee Schoonover, author of “Breast Cancel: Death Call or Enlightenment”.
A "have-to-have" book about America's best kept secret for pain relief. The book contains personal gems of healing wisdom that add a new dimension to the concept of pain relief.

Employed as a safety director and return-to-work program administrator for a small manufacturing company, Kara Lee Schoonover received training in the prevention and treatment of work-related injuries and gained valuable knowledge and experience in standard care techniques. She is also the author of Breast Cancer: Death Call or Enlightenment.

Kara has done an excellent job in sharing and explaining the use of the lamp and how it works, what it is good for, and how to use it. This book is very beneficial to both users and health professionals alike. Enjoy the information Kara shares in this wonderfully written book of knowledge! Dr. Jing Yang Na, Healing Arts Clinic by the River, Maple Valley, Washington. 

”I was introduced to the lamp first as a patient by Dr. Tano Lucero, and then subsequently purchased it and successfully treated soft tissue injuries. I found this book to contain gems of healing wisdom that added a new dimension to my concept of pain relief. The book discusses many alternative methods of healing and presents practical ways of applying this knowledge in our own lives. Roberta Joy, Director of International Marketing, Bellevue, WA.” – Kara 

102 pages.


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