Zhuang Gu Guan Jie Wan (Strengthening Bones & Joint Pill)


Tonifies the liver and kidney, nourishes the blood and promotes blood circulation, relaxes muscles and tendons and activates collaterals, regulates vital energy to alleviate pain. The herbal formula is used for deficiency of liver and kidney, stagnancy of vital energy and blood stasis, stagnation and blockage of channels, all kinds of retrograde osteoarthritis, and lumbar muscle strain.

Ingredients: Du Huo, Xu Duan , Yin Yang Huo, Gu Sui Bu , Ji Xue Teng , Shu Di , Du Zhong

Each bottle contains 200 pills. 

About the Manufacturer

Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Pharma and was established in 1955, and is a large medical enterprise covering the production and distribution of Chinese medicine and Chinese herbal medicine.


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