Shaolin Pain Relief Patches

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These patches are most effective for pains and aches arising from martial arts practice. Great for relief from heavy jujitsu, taichi, karate training.

All new adhesive material comes perforated with tiny holes to allow sufficient air to breathe through the plaster and prevent skin irritation.

Comes in sheets of 2.75" x 4" with 5 per box.

Do not use if there are skin lesions, heavy bruising or if you are allergic to menthol.

Active Ingredients: Menthol, methyl salicylate.

Inactive Ingredients: Peppers, lindera aggregata root, bletilla striata bulb, angelica dahurica root, ampelopsis japonica root, pawpaw and other proprietary herbs.


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    • when the company expect this product arrives in USA???????? Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.

      It is discontinued by the manufacturer.

    • Can this be used on forehead for head aches or migraines caused by injury?

      This product is discontinued by the manufacturer.

    • Shaolin Pain Relief Patches, when you will have in stock.

      The product is discontined by the manufacturer. We have a replacement called Green Cool Pain Patch. Thank you.

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