Pointer Plus - Find and Treat Acupuncture Points


The Pointer Plus is a complete clinic in your hands. Modern, hand held, 6.5" long unit offers sensitive location and stimulation, which are independently adjusted with two separate control dials. 

The pulse frequency is fixed at 10 Hz. A flashing light and sound indicate when detection is made. The spring activated detection probe allows a uniform pressure when searching. The grounding circuit is made by holding the metal plate on the side of the unit or with the hand grounding pole. 

Accessories include 2 probe tips (ear 2 mm 0.08" and body 4 mm 0.16"), hand grounding pole with attached wire, 9 volt battery, carrying case, and instructions.


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  • good morning, I would like to know if this device can be used to find points without breaking the continuity of the skin? can it be used by pressing the device against the inserted acupuncture needle?

    No, it can not.

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