Pocket Handbook for Meridians and Acupoints



By Dr. Krin Bushe-Centmayer

This pocket handbook is written and published by Schwa Medico, Germany. It covers in both English and Chinese all the meridians and acupoints that practitioners and students deal with during their daily practice and study. The handbook also depicts in great detail the meridians and acupoints from Hand-Taiyin to Conception Vessel, and is printed in full color with spiral binding for easy referencing and convenient carrying from home to office. The meridians and acupoints are marked in both English letters and Arabic numbers to meet international standard.

There are 14 chapters in this handbook that each section is individually labeled in different color for immediate location and consultation. Resourceful, accurate to the letter and indispensable in everyday life, this handbook is a have-to-have tool without doubt.

191 pages
ISBN 3-927971-21-9
Designed by Birgit Bogel, Oberschleibheim
Printed in China
Copyright 2006, A.M.I Verlag, GieBen
Version 2.0, 2006


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