Needle Sample Pack

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Undecided on what type of needles to use? Find the needle with the best qi response for you by trying our needle sampler pack. The sample pack contains both stainless steel and copper handles in a variety of sizes.

Great for students of acupuncture and non-profit practitioners.

Package contains:

  • Acu-Tek Stainless Steel Bulk 10 in 0.16x13mm (40# 0.5") x 10 pieces
  • Spirit Stainless Steel Single Pack 0.18x13mm (38# 0.5") x 5 pieces
  • Spirit Stainless Steel Single Pack 0.22x40mm (34#1.5") x 5 pieces
  • Spirit Stainless Steel 5 Needle Pack 0.25x40mm (32# 1.5") x 25 pieces
  • Acu-Tek Copper Single Pack  0.20x25mm (36# 1.0") x 5 pieces


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  • I just ordered the sample pack of acupuncture needles. Does it include at least one tube? I can't insert needles without a tube, so if there isn't one included I'd like to add it to my order. ( Order #AWS3606) Thanks-


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