Moxa Herbal Patch


These herbal patches are air activated and self heating. Simply tear off the adhesive sides, stick the patch on your body and you'll feel the moxa heated within minutes. Wear the patches under your clothing for on the go moxibustion.

  • Each box includes 5 individually wrapped patches and temperature control sheets.
  • Use the round control sheet to limit moxa heat during application by placing the control sheet on top of the patch.
  • Heat lasts 10-12 hours after activation.


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  • When will you be getting the Moxa Herbal Patch??? I LOVE this and it really, really helps with back and shoulder pain!!

    It is back in stock.

  • I hope several questions are okay... I am a rather new patient to Acupuncture and I have greatly benefited and enjoy the reaction from the needle’s treatments. I received this email and it seems there are other areas of healing and healthful items that I was not aware of... I know very little about the Chinese, but I am willing to learn and would like to hear more about the lifestyle and traditions especially their health healing remedies. I am a White French Cajun female almost 80 years old, who was raised in South Louisiana. I married a great guy from Arkansas… Who was a Marine. I have never heard of the Moxal Herbal Patches and they sound like we could gain great benefits with these patches. What exactly and how are they used? Please send me some reading material about these and their uses? Are all the Moxa Herbal Patches the same size, shape, use and exactly what are all of the particular uses. What can a person expect to benefit from the use of these patches. They sound wonderful… I could use one on my painful back and shoulders right now… What are the recommended uses and how often do you use them? Please send me all the free information and a catalog. I plan to buy some of these but wanted to find out more about them first. I fell on 6/12/2015 and I have/had a torn rotator cuff from that fall which still bothers me a little sometimes. The medical doctors could not/cannot help me without drugs for the horrible unbearable pain unless I agreed to surgery and I did not want to do that, so I thought of acupuncture which I had heard of but had never tried before. I also have really bad neuropathy which restricts my walking much and that is really what I was hoping acupuncture would help but in only 3 weeks I was amazed as it stopped the terrible pain in my arm and shoulder. I had been in unbearable pain for over 15 months at that time… Also, the fall caused a bump/knot to come up on my right shoulder and it has not gone away, and my doctors do not know what the knot is. One doctor said a bone is sticking up and others mentioned it may be cartilage pushed out or leaking out… and surgery and drugs were offered. I o not want surgery. Would you have any comments or natural suggestions for me on this. I am just happy acupuncture stopped the horrible pain.

    This product works for everyone but we recommend you to consult an acupuncturist or herbalist for accurate diagnosis of the condition you are treating.

  • How do you get the ball out

    There is no ball in the product. It is a patch.

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