Pure Moxa Candles for Indirect Moxibustion


You can apply them anywhere without having to hold the moxa. Simply light the pre-cut moxa, peel off the adhesive and stick the candle to the desired spots over the skin to begin treatment.

Each pound of moxa is made from 45 pounds of mugwort for high purity and strong therapeutic performance.

Package contains 50 candles and bases for a total of 50 treatments.

About the Manufacturer

Baicaotang Medicine Ltd. was founded in 2006 and is based in Nanyang, Henan Province. Positioned in a region suitable for growing mugwort, they are one of the biggest producer of moxa products including smokeless moxa, 5 year moxa and pure moxa rolls.


Ask a Question
  • which type of moxa is used for the candles?

    It comes with moxa sticks.

  • How much smoke is generated?

    The amount of smoke from burning these candles is somewhere between what you'll see from burning a pure moxa stick and a smokeless moxa stick. When performing moxa, smoke is a necessary part of the treatment.

  • Can I reuse the bases?

    The bases are reusable but we do not recommend it as the adhesive bottom will lose its ability to stay on the skin each time it is removed.

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