ITO ES-160 Japanese Electro-Acupuncture Device

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The latest most advanced technology, 6 output unit from Japan. Compact, attractive, lightweight, sturdy, and desk size. Provides 8 stimulation modes, saves 5 previous treatment parameters, and incorporates 16 programmable memory settings. Three LCD displays (0.6" x 1.4" and 0.6" x 1.1") show point search sensitivity, frequency (Hz), pulse width (µs), program modes, memory data, treatment time (minutes), and battery life. 

The hand probe includes a search-to-treat push button selector on the probe itself. Point location is indicated on the LCD display and is regulated with the sensitivity dial. Also allows measurement and storage of Ryodororaku points (6, 12, or 21 volts). 

Safety features include self-test, zero start, automatic power-off if unit is left unused for 5 minutes, sound on/off function, emergency stop button, tone signaling end of treatment, and high/low (H/L) switch on side of unit. 

Accessories include search/stimulation probe, 6 electrode cords (assorted colors), 12 alligator clip-on (6 red/6 black), and operation manual. Does not include batteries. 

Note: Replacement wires and alligator clips are sold separately.


  • 500 ohm test load
  • Output channels
  • 6 (stimulates 12 points)
  • Volts & current

Low (L switch) 0 to 8 volts, 0 to 16 mA (milliamp) High (H switch) 0 to 16 volts, 0 to 32 mA Pen probe 0 to 24 volts, 0 to 48 mA Pulse shape symmetric, bi-phasic square wave Pulse width 50 to 400 us, adjustable Pulse mode/frequency 

Constant 0.5 * 0.7 * 1 to 500 Hz Burst 0.5 * 0.7 * 1 to 7 bursts (carrier freq 100 Hz) Surge on time 4 sec, off time 6 sec (carrier freq 5 to 500 Hz) Fast-Slow 1 to 500 Hz (slow=fast freq/3) Sweep 1 to 500 Hz (slow=fast freq/3) Random prog. 1 1 to 6 Hz, preset program Random prog. 2 30 to 100 Hz, preset program Random prog. 3 2 to 100 Hz, preset program Timer 0 to 60 minutes Point detection LCD meter (0 to 200 scale) with sound on/off function Power source 4 standard 1.5 volt C batteries (meter displays battery life) Frequency indicator LCD meter with sound on/off Size,

Packing size: 9.4" x 6.8" x 2.0", 560 grams


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  • Hi, I am interested for acupuncture electric device for stimulating on acupuncture neddles. I see you have 2 acu stimulators, ITO ES-160 and KWD 808, what is the main difference except in price? Best regards, Tin,

    Please google it for answer.

  • Is the price of this Ito machine current? What is delivery time to Missouri?

    It is free shipping available on

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