2019 Model Far-Infrared Mineral TDP Lamp


We've improved the safety and reliability of the 2019 model by increasing the thickness of heat sink padding on the wires in the head to prevent failures caused by overheating.

This lamp lasts up to 500 hours longer compared to previous model generations and is safer than ever to operate with an automatic power-off feature in the event that the lamp is accidentally knocked over and tilted beyond 45°

Operation has been simplified with the removal of the power button. Twist the knob to the right to turn on the lamp or left to set a timer.

The base of the lamp is now an all in one-piece design with 4 legs and 360° rolling wheels for stable and smooth movement.

All of our best features such as the fuseless design and black cage cover from the Sunshine model have been retained in this model.

The new lamp head uses a trapezoid plug to distinguish compatibility with previous generation lamps. When purchasing additional lamp heads choose trapezoid shaped plugs only.

Bilingual English / Chinese operating manual is included in box.

Available in US 110v only.


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  • Also what is the Diameter of the light Surface

    The diameter of the black plate is 7 inches diagonal.

  • What is the strengthens of the light. Some product claims the light can put out 33or 42 metal radiation

    The Far-Infrared Mineral Plate in this lamp does not emit light. Instead, it generates heat (radiation) from the mineral plate that gives healing properties for the human body.

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