Comprehensive Handbook for Facial Rejuvenation


Comprehensive Handbook for TCM Facial Rejuvenation
By Ping Zhang 

The author has taught TCM Facial Rejuvenation seminars in the west and has formulated this book in three parts. Part 1 covers TCM comprehensive facial rejuvenation protocols, Part 2 advanced TCM facial rejuvenation protocols.In Part 3, a step-by-step protocol for TCM facial rejuvenation is introduced. Throughout the book, precise and detailed color pictures demonstrate the techniques to enable practitioners to correctly perform the manipulations. The diagnostic information, point prescriptions, herbal suggestions, food therapy recommendations, and acupressure procedures make this book useful for students and practitioners of TCM. 

Trade paperback book, 283 pages
Published: 2006
Dimensions: 7x9"
ISBN: 1-59975-666-8
Including: Index - Bibliography - Photographs - Illustrations - 75 color photos


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