Chai Hu Shu Gan Wan


A well respected and commonly used TCM herbal formula for what is known as Liver Qi Stagnation in Chinese Medicine terms.  With liver stagnation symptoms may be PMS, stress, often with sighing or pain in hypochondriac area (below the ribs) or along the sides of the body.  Other symptoms can be gastrointestinal issues, menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea), irregular cycles, and headaches (tension and/or migraine) along with depression and/or irritability.

Ingredients: Fu Ling , Dou Kou , Bai Shao , GanCao , Jie Geng, Hou Pu, Shan Zha , Fang Feng, Chai Hu , Huang Qin, Bo He , Dang Gui

Each bottle contains 200 pills.

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