Bian Stone Facial & Body Roller


The Bian Stone Roller is used extensively since ancient times in China and even predates Acupuncture before the 7th century. The roller allows you relax and relieve stress from everyday life. Use the roller to apply a gentle massage to the face and body. 

For best results, place the roller in hot water for a few seconds before rolling to release trace minerals of the Bian Stone that invigorates the Qi and promotes blood flow.

The Bian Stone roller is cool to the core and smooth to the touch. Soothes the face and essential for maintaining healthy skin.

The handle doubles as a Guasha scraper.

Size: 6 ¾” long x 2 ¾” wide.


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  • Inquiry RE: Bian Stone Roller Is it constructed of authentic Bian Stone?

    Yes, it is.

  • Is this roller made of authentic Bian Stone? Thank you.

    Yes, it is.

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