AcuTek Spring Ten Painless Needles


Link tradition to the future. This is the one and true combination of a super smooth and painless needle in an economical package. Save time and effort from tearing each individual packet by choosing Acu-Tek Spring Ten blister pack needles.

  • Spring handle bulk 10 needle pack
  • Eco-friendly
  • Saves 50% plastic waste and packing material
  • 1000 pcs/box

About the Manufacturer

AcuTek needles are contract manufactured by Huato Medical Appliance in mainland China. Known for their superior manufacturing facilities, the AcuTek brand of needles empower practitioners with needles made using Japanese marine-grade surgical stainless steel for a smooth and painless insertion. A variety of handle-types and packaging are available to choose from.


Ask a Question
  • Do these have silicone on them?

    AcuTek Needles do not have silicone coating to prevent patients from allergic reaction.

  • I am very disappointed because I bought many boxes of needles to you and many of them have 8 or just 9 needles, you can see how many boxes I bought, and I will not do it again because now I do not trust you, I am a doctor and I need those needles but not like that, I am very disappointed

    Can you email your question directly to Thank you.

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