Qian Lie Shu Wan


Used for chronic prostatitis, hyperplasia of the prostate, frequent urination, urgency with urination, dribbling urine and blood in the urine. In Traditional Chinese Medicine terms this formula strengthens the Kidney system, builds Kidney Qi and nourishes Kidney Yin to build the strength of the body generally and in the lower abdomen specifically.

Ingredients: Gan Cao , Fu Ling , Shu Di Huang, Mu Dan Pi , Ze Xie , Yin Yang Huo

Each bottle contains 200 pills.

About the Manufacturer

Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Pharma and was established in 1955, and is a large medical enterprise covering the production and distribution of Chinese medicine and Chinese herbal medicine.


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  • Hello, My son, 13 yezrs ils, complaintes about dribbling problem. Quian lie shou wan seems appropriate. Do you conform ? Thanks Dalenda

    You may try this formula but it's best to see an acupunturist for an accurate diagnosis.

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