Spirit Acupuncture Needles Bulk Pack


Economical grade needle. Stainless steel body and handle. Bulk pack needle, 5 needles per tube, 500 needles per box, extra guide tubes included.

Packing size: 2.5" L, x 2.25" W, x 3.25" H 3.7 oz.

Shelf life: 3 years


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  • I am looking for 0.25x25mm 32# 1.0 Spirit

    Yes, it is available online at www.AcuWarehouse.com.

  • Is there a 32# x 3.0?


  • I need size 0.22 x 25mm (34#1.0) and 0.20 x 25mm (36#1.0) Do have these, if so I will place a rather large order. Thankyou

    Yes, we have plenty of needles in stock.

  • i am looking or 0.30 x25mm 1.5 length

    Yes, we do have either 0.30 x 25mm (1") or 0.30 x 40mm (1.5"). Please let us know if you want to order it online.


    Daniel Hue

  • En cuanto tiempo llegan. Estoy en El Salvador. Agradecere si respuesta

    10 dias.

  • are these sterile needles?


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