Yingdi New & Improved 4 Channel Acupuncture Machine

Yingdi New & Improved 4 Channel Acupuncture Machine


FREE SHIPPING  Valid for orders placed on October 12th. - November 1st. use promo code ACUMACHINE16 The all new and...
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Valid for orders placed on October 12th. - November 1st.

use promo code ACUMACHINE16

The all new and improved Acu Machine features an indicator for sound and luminescent state, a timing switch, a power voltmeter, a music device playing when the treatment is over or before it starts and an operating output protection. 


· The output pulse waves of the machine are in low voltage, low frequency.
· There are five types of pulse waves to be selected. Continuous wave, dense-disperse wave, intermittent wave, ripple wave and respiration wave
· Four kinds of wave combinations can be used at the same time, separately, or get the two output or more crossed to use. 

Technical data: 

· Continuous wave: pulse duration = 0.5ms; repeated pulse frequency: f1=1Hz – 100Hz.
· Dense-disperse wave: Dense-disperse wave displays alternatively, disperse frequency is f1 same as base wave; dense frequency is about 100Hz; pulse duration is 0.5ms; FREQ2 regulates the frequency f2 of 10-40 cycles per minute.
· Intermittent wave: Pulse shows at regular interval at a frequency of 10-40 cycles per minute.
· Ripple wave: Its amplitude increases to maximum and drops suddenly, and repeats the process.
· Respiration wave: Its amplitude increases first, then drops quickly to zero, and repeats this process. 
808-II comes with 4 outputs, 8 wire clips that can be used on 8 acupoints at the same time.

ISO 9001/2000 Certified! 
Size: 8.5”L x 6.5”W x 3.0”H 
Weight: 3.3 lbs 
Accessories: * an acupoint detector 4 wires with 8 alligator clips 8 electrodes 4 self-adhesive patches an adaptor

One year manufacture warranty

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