Solid Wood Bench for Paida Lajin

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Live a Pain Free Life Naturally with Paida Lajin

Lajin is derived from the principles of the Ancient Chinese Medicine. It means to stretch muscle, adjust bone and your meridians. The Chinese Emperor Medicine points out that a person who persistently sticks to the practice of Lajin is able to live a longer and heavier life. By using Lajin to make one's muscle extend by 1 inch, his or her life span will increase by 10 years.

Mr. Zengxiang Zhu is a Lajin master and practices Classic Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong. He speaks highly of Lajin, recommends and designed a Lajin Bench that can be used by both practitioners and lay persons in clinic, office and home to free from pains around neck, shoulder, low back and other parts of the body. This unique Lajin Bench has become indispensable and a vital part of Lajin practice*.

Unlike Yoga, Lajin is simple to learn and practice. It takes just several minutes to master, but perseverance is key.

There are just 5 steps to follow.

  1. Squat down with hands holding head.
  2. Stretch both arms against the ears upwards.
  3. Raise hands to touch the upper left and right frames of door.
  4. Sit on bed, sofa or chair to move slowly left and right with hands pointing upwards.
  5. Lie down on the Lajin Bench and have one leg lean tightly against the pole; alternate one leg after the other for 10-20 minutes each.

The practice with Lajin Bench has proven the most comprehensive and effective method to stretch muscle; adjust bones and meridians among all the methods put together.

Lajin is recommended to conduct under the instruction and supervision of a practitioner for beginners in clinic and may be practiced at home as well.

Product Specifications

  • Table dimensions: 42.5" long x 18.5" wide x 20" high
  • Rod height: 67.5"
  • Gross weight: 41 lbs.

This bench is made of unadulterated natural wood. The wood color of your bench may appear slightly darker or lighter from the picture displayed on our website.

Product Setup Video


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Ask a Question
  • What is the weight capacity it can handle?

    This bench supports one person of up to 250 lbs weight.

  • Do you provide leg stabilizer and ankle weights along with this Lajin bench?

    Straps are included in the package to hold your legs against the bench.

  • Would you deliver to UK?

    Yes! Please add the item to your cart for calculated shipping costs to UK.

  • it says the bench is 42.5" long, do you have any closer to a 50" long bench?

    42.5" is ideal length and should not be a problem for most people since your legs do not lie on the bench.

  • what is the package size and weight of this product.

    The physical dimension of the outer packaging is 46x21x5 inches and the weight is 34 lbs.

  • What kind of wood is it made of?

    The Lajin Bench is made out of Solid Cedar Wood. 

  • How long does it take the assemble and what tools do I need?

    All tools needed are included in the package and it'll take roughly 20-30 minutes to assemble.

  • Does it come with velcro straps for tying the leg down?

    Yes, thick velcro straps are included in the package.

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