Capsule Filling Machine 2.0

Capsule Filling Machine 2.0


This new capsule filling machine fits both size "0" gelatin and vega-capsules.Fills up to 150 empty capsules at a time.Multiple times...
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This new capsule filling machine fits both size "0" gelatin and vega-capsules.

Fills up to 150 empty capsules at a time.

Multiple times faster than the regular 50-cap and 100-cap fillers on the market. 

New patented design with 5-pc set including a deep tray, loading board, cap board, body board and tamping board.

Complimentary wiper included.

Size: 8 x 6.5 inches  

Filling Instructions:

  1. Place the Shake Board on top of the Cap Board.
  2. Put in proper amount of capsule caps.
  3. Shake to let the capsule caps drop in the holes with caps opening upward.
  4. Pour out the extra capsule caps.
  5. Remove the Shake Board.
  6. Place the Guide Board with bigger-hole side down to the Cap Board.
  7. Put the Shake Board on top of the Body Board
  8. Put in proper amount of capsule bodies, and shake to let the capsule bodies drop in the holes with bodies opening upward.
  9. Pour out the extra capsule bodies, and remove the Shake Board.
  10. Pour the herbal powder on the Body Board, and use the Tamping Board and then Wipe Board to allow the powder to drop in the holes.
  11. Turn over the 2nd Cap Board in the middle and place it on the Body Board.
  12. Press both boards down firmly to lock the capsules.
  13. Remove the Cap Board on top.
  14. Remove the Guide Board where the completed capsules are left.
  15. Pat the board in the middle.
  16. Fill up a container with capsules to finish.

This new capsule filler is good for filling single 0 capsules, 150 capsules at a time. It is fast to load, fill and complete. And it is cost effective to own and efficient to use.

Ideal for small scale manufacturing and processing such as clinic, health store; lab and household.

Included: Cap Board, Body Board, Shake Board, Guide Board, Tamping Board and Wipe Board.

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